Interaction Design Lessons from Oblivion

Why study sci-fi interfaces? That’s a nice hobby if you don’t have a life… Why would it be a good idea for a large company to spend time looking at them? Science fiction has been influencing real-world design since 1902 with the French silent film, Le voyage dans la lune (The Voyage to the Moon).…

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Using iMovie

Originally published on on October 9, 2017. If you prefer to use iMovie (it’s free for Mac users) for contributing to the blog, here’s how. Once your file is in a digital format, you can extract both clips and screenshots in iMovie. All of the clips will be stored in events and projects in iMovie regardless of…

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Oblivion’s TETVision

Originally published on on March 10, 2015. The TETVision display is the only display Vika is shown interacting with directly—using gestures and controls—whereas the other screens on the desktop seem to be informational only. This screen is broken up into three main sections: The left side panel The main map area The right side panel The…

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Oblivion’s Communications with Sally

Originally published on on January 30, 2015. While Vika and Jack are conducting their missions on the ground, Sally is their main point of contact in orbital TET command. Vika and Sally communicate through a video feed located in the top left corner of the TETVision screen. There is no camera visible in the…

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Oblivion’s Hydro-Rig Monitoring

Originally posted on on January 28, 2015. Visual confirmation As a part of their morning routine, Jack makes the rounds in his Bubbleship to provide a visual confirmation that the hydro-rigs are operating properly. In order to send the hydro-rig coordinates to the Bubbleship, Vika: Holds with two fingers on the hydro-rig symbol on…

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Oblivion’s Drone Status Feed

Originally posted on on January 22, 2015. As Vika is looking at the radarand verifying visuals on the dispatched drones with Jack, the symbols for drones 166 and 172 begin flashing red. An alert begins sounding, indicating that the two drones are down. Vika wants to send Jack to drone 166 first. To do…

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Oblivion’s Desktop

Originally posted on on January 19, 2015.  As Jack begins his preflight check in the Bubbleship, Vika touches the center of the glass surface to power up the desktop that keeps her in contact with Sally on the TET and allows her to assist and monitor Jack as he repairs the drones on the ground. The…

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Oblivion’s Breakfast Sand Table

Originally posted on on January 8, 2015.  While eating breakfast, Vika views the overnight surveillance via a touchscreen interface that is inset into the top of a white table. Which touch tech? Anyone interested in the touch technology should take note: Vika places her coffee cup and breakfast plate directly on the surface, which…

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Interview with

Interviewer: Chris Noessel of Hi there. Tell us a bit about yourself. What’s your name, where are you from, how do you spend your time? Hi. I’m Aleatha Singleton, hailing from Houston, Texas. I’ve been a UX Designer for over 15 years. I enjoy solving problems and making things that are easy and fun…

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Project Goals: Run a nerdsourcing experiment with Chris Noessel from Cooper and to determine the viability of nerdsourcing articles for the website. The movie being analyzed is Oblivion. Role in Project: Work on a subteam consisting of two people to analyze the interfaces from Victoria’s desktop. Project Phase: In publication at

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