About Me

Hi. I’m Aleatha Singleton. Hailing from the Houston TX area, I’ve been a UX Designer for 20 years. I enjoy solving problems and making things that are easy and fun to use whether they’re digital or analog.

When I’m not at work, I like to read, play the guitar, study the Japanese culture, and teach myself new things such as designing and building furniture or making udon noodles from scratch.

Biggest area of interest
My biggest area of interest is in emerging technology. I’ve always been a big fan of sci-fi interfaces and technology, especially when the concepts become reality. It’s always fun and exciting to see how ideas that seemed so impossible only a couple of decades ago are being prototyped and developed in labs around the world, such as holodecks, 3D volumetric interfaces, neural scanners, etc., etc.

In the future, I would like to be a part of cutting edge innovation and ideation – thinking about how technology could improve lives – and then build it and make it real.

Current projects and goals
I currently serve as a guest author on scifiinterfaces.com  For my first project, a team of six people analyzer the interfaces for Oblivion. We divvied up the interfaces, and my contribution was Victoria’s awesome desktop.

Now that the Oblivion project is completed, I plan to continue contributing as the resident anime interfaces gal.

I’ve been doing personal observations of sci-fi interfaces and technology in movies, TV shows, books and Japanese anime for a few years now in order to study how they influence society for better or worse.

My goal is to take the knowledge I learn from these observations and share it with the design community so that we can be more conscious of how our designs affect the world.

Surprising lessons on my journey
Since entering the UX community, I often catch myself mentally improving interfaces I come across out in the wild – this experience would be so much better if…

When watching movies and TV shows with futuristic tech, I always want to reverse engineer the interfaces so I can build them.

Interesting and unrelated things
I’m currently learning the Japanese language. A lot of my time is spent immersing myself in the language through textbooks, reading Japanese language manga and light novels, listening to Japanese audio dramas and watching anime in Japanese with and without the subtitles. I would eventually like to have enough fluency to translate books into English.

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