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There is No Fold by Luke W

“Do not try to define the fold. That’s impossible. Instead only realize the truth. There is no fold. Then you’ll see that it is not the fold that needs to be defined, it is only your mindset that needs to be changed.”
—– Aleatha Singleton (with a little Matrix influence)

Still to this day, I hear a lot of arguments from stakeholders about how the most important information must be above the fold. And when all the stakeholders involved insist that their information is the most important, you can quickly get into a big mess.

Luke W – a big authority in the UX community – wrote an article back in 2015 about why the fold is not applicable to the web anymore. It’s a great read and he cites a lot of research that was conducted on the matter.

There Is No Fold

TL;DR version

  • Based on the study of more than 25 million user sessions, more engagement happens right at and below the fold than happens above it since 80% of the viewership studied scrolled immediately on page load.
  • The fold, which is an old term from the newspaper industry, made more sense back in the 90s and early 2000s when the mass population used 800×600 resolution screen sizes. Thanks to the many different screen sizes being created, (at one time over 3,997 different devices within six months) it is no longer possible to design for the “fold”.
  • Design plays a big part in the behavior. “Unless your layout makes it look like there’s nothing to scroll…people will”


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