Aleatha SingletonUX DesignUnited App Redesign 2014

United App Redesign 2014

United Airlines App Booking Redesign

Project Goals:
Enhance the flight shopping experience in the new United mobile app in order to enable the user to get through the process quickly and efficiently. Enable the users to filter search results to only show the flights that are truly relevant to them.

Role in Project:
Worked directly with business partners within the requirements and development teams to determine scope, concepts and wireframes for the new booking experience while utilizing the existing design and UX patterns. Provided rapid prototypes of options in order to help business partners and fellow designers narrow down options and get to the final solution. Participated in usability studies for the current mobile app, thus allowing the team to find opportunities for improvement.

Once a final design was established, created a prototype for external testing, documented the design and created a demo in Axure in order to effectively communicate intended interactions to the dev team. Worked directly with the QA and technology teams to ensure intended designs were implemented.

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