Aleatha SingletonUX DesignFlight Booking Concepts 2013

Flight Booking Concepts 2013

Project Goals:
Provide well-developed, high fidelity concepts for presentation to VPs, CEO and Board of Directors in order to receive funding approval for an overhaul of the United Airlines digital experience.

Role in Project:
Wireframe potential layouts and work with visual designer to apply the look and feel to the approved concepts. Our team of visual and UX designers presented several concepts to the VPs in order to narrow down the work that would be presented to the CEO and Board of Directors for funding approval.

Creative Solution:
This concept would allow the user to get through the entire booking process in as few clicks as possible. The case study included a round trip flight, showing depart and return flight results on the same results page. It also allowed for a user with established preferences to pay for the selected itinerary in a single click.

UA Flight Search Results Concept

UA Flight Payment Concept

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