Aleatha SingletonFurnitureEntertainment Center 2012

Entertainment Center 2012

Project Goals:
Personal project. Design and build an entertainment center with sturdy bookshelves that do not require attachment to apartment walls.

Creative Solution:
The final entertainment center was built with high-grade pine and was a ladder-style design, ensuring the shelves would not become top-heavy.

Drew 3D plans in Google SketchUp to determine angles, amount of materials and cuts needed. Worked over holiday weekends, building one piece at a time, starting with the center unit.

Since the furniture was being built in a small apartment, the wood was purchased and larger cuts made at the lumber supply store. Smaller, more precise cuts and angles were made in the apartment.

Materials used:
Handheld circular saw
Power drill
Quick-grip clamps
Manual miter saw
Wood glue
Star drive deck screws

bookshelf skeleton

bookshelf assembled

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