UX Mag – Content Strategy and UX: A Modern Love Story

UX Mag wrote a great article explaining how content strategy and UX work together. Content Strategy and UX: A Modern Love Story TLDR; The defining line between content strategy and information architecture is often blurred. It can get even blurrier when you add interaction design into the mix since good interaction designers are expected to…

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Japanese Vocabulary Resources

A few weeks ago, I went over some great resources for learning the Japanese writing system. Now, I’ll introduce you to some of my favorite resources for studying vocabulary. Memrise App So far my favorite resource for studying vocabulary is through Memrise. It is available on the web and as a mobile app (iOS and…

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OneNote for Digital Collaboration

The question of how to ideate and collaborate remotely comes up often these days. Chris Noessel from Cooper & scifiinterfaces.com wrote these articles on how they collaborate and ideate digitally within OneNote. Even though the article is targeted towards Interaction Designers, it could apply for any type of meeting where a whiteboard is needed. OneNote…

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Design Projects

18 May 2015 UX Design Aleatha Singleton No comments

United App Redesign 2014

Project Goals: Enhance the flight shopping experience in the new United mobile app in order to enable the user to get through the process quickly and efficiently. Enable the users to filter search results to only show the flights that are truly relevant to them. Role in Project: Worked directly with business partners within the requirements and development teams to determine scope, concepts and wireframes for the new booking experience while utilizing the existing design and UX patterns. Provided rapid prototypes of options in order to help business partners and fellow designers narrow down options and get to the final solution. Participated in usability studies for the current mobile app, thus allowing the team to find opportunities for improvement. Once a final design was established, created a prototype for external testing, documented the design and created a demo in Axure in order to effectively communicate intended interactions to the dev team. Worked directly with the QA and technology teams to ensure intended designs were implemented.

22 Mar 2015 UX Design Aleatha Singleton No comments

United Homepage Redesign 2014

Project Goals: The homepage will be an integral part of the overhaul of the entire United Airlines digital experience. Design a fresh, clean, touch-friendly homepage that provides quick access to the most popular forms on the website for tasks such as checking in, searching for flights and glancing at account information. Role in Project: Work directly with outside agency and internal requirements team to redesign the homepage for the United 2.0 upcoming release. Analyze and modify the agency's initial visual design to safeguard usability and UX best practices. Provide final designs and annotations to dev team. Work directly with the QA and technology teams to ensure intended designs are implemented. Project Phase: Now in beta

30 Jan 2013 UX Design Aleatha Singleton No comments

Flight Booking Concepts 2013

Project Goals: Provide well-developed, high fidelity concepts for presentation to VPs, CEO and Board of Directors in order to receive funding approval for an overhaul of the United Airlines digital experience. Role in Project: Wireframe potential layouts and work with visual designer to apply the look and feel to the approved concepts. Our team of visual and UX designers presented several concepts to the VPs in order to narrow down the work that would be presented to the CEO and Board of Directors for funding approval. Creative Solution: This concept would allow the user to get through the entire booking process in as few clicks as possible. The case study included a round trip flight, showing depart and return flight results on the same results page. It also allowed for a user with established preferences to pay for the selected itinerary in a single click.

08 Dec 2012 Furniture Aleatha Singleton No comments

Shoji Trunk Finish 2012

Project Goals: Personal project. Refinish old IKEA storage trunk so that it will compliment Asian decor, while using materials already on hand. Creative Solution: The trunk was refinished to resemble traditional Japanese shoji screens, utilizing basic Mod Podge, acrylic paint and rice paper.

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